Car Accident Lawyers Malden, Boston

About Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are among the most common causes of serious personal injuries. With millions of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the road, serious crashes happen every day, and despite enhanced safety features and improved crashworthiness, injuries are commonplace. If you have been injured in an auto crash, you need to meet with our car accident lawyers immediately. Serving the Boston area from Malden, Massachusetts, we can help you negotiate with other motorists, insurance providers, and auto companies to ensure that you are amply compensated.

Common Car Accident Causes

There are many car accident causes, but a few cause most of the crashes that take place on the roads. One of the most serious is drunk driving. People who choose to drive drunk are making a reckless choice that imperils everyone around them. Excessive alcohol compromises a person's perception, coordination, and reflexes, making it impossible to operate a vehicle safely. If you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver, you may well be entitled to a large settlement. Contact Rodman, Rodman & Sandman to discuss your drunk driving case with our car/auto accident lawyers.

Defective automobiles also cause many preventable auto accidents. A car that is poorly designed, manufactured, or maintained can easily malfunction, either causing an accident or failing to protect its occupants adequately during a crash. In these instances, the parties responsible for the car's development, production, and maintenance may be responsible for the auto accident and resulting injuries.

Many other accidents are simply caused by reckless drivers who do not follow the rules of the road. Speeding is the most common example, but drivers who fail to signal, run stop signs or lights, do not yield, or tailgate also cause many accidents each year. Whatever the specifics of your car accident, a driver who dangerously disobeys the rules shows lack of respect for fellow motorists, and should be held accountable for his or her actions.

Auto Accident Damages

As the victim of an accident that is not your fault, you are entitled to be restored, insofar as is possible, to your state before the crash. This includes damage to your vehicle and property, injuries, and all other financial losses, including lost wages from time in the hospital in addition to all treatment costs. If you are permanently disabled, such as by a brain injury or spinal cord injury, you are entitled to compensation for disability, including lost earning potential. You are also entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

In cases of egregious wrongdoing, you may also be awarded punitive damages designed to send a message to the perpetrator and other potential wrongdoers that their conduct behind the wheel of a car is unacceptable. Our auto accident lawyers work tirelessly to maximize the value of every client's verdict or settlement.

The Value of Car Accident Lawyers

Almost without exception, a car accident means negotiating with insurance companies for compensation. It is well known that insurance companies typically offer as little as possible in settlements in order to maximize their profits. In many cases, this means much less than your case is actually worth.

Many people feel pressure to accept the first offer they receive in order to cover urgent bills, but doing so may mean your expenses are not completely covered. The last thing you want to be doing while you are recovering from injuries is negotiating with an insurance provider over the cost of your car crash. For over five decades, our auto accident lawyers have represented Boston, Malden, and Medford-area injury victims in these negotiations. With our help, you will get maximum value from your case.

Discuss Your Car Crash with Our Auto Accident Lawyers

It is difficult to overestimate the value of effective legal representation after a car accident. If you have been in a crash, contact the auto accident lawyers of Rodman, Rodman & Sandman. Representing Malden, Boston, and Massachusetts car accident victims for decades, we have an established reputation for excellence in personal injury litigation.