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As parents, we want our children to begin life in perfect health and happiness, and we trust medical professionals to provide the care that will enable them to do so. Though some birth injuries are unavoidable, others are the tragic result of negligence and poor decision-making on the part of doctors, nurses, and others. If your child has suffered a birth injury or defect, you need to speak with one of our lawyers right away. Attorneys from our firm, located in Malden, Massachusetts near Boston, can help if your family is victimized by medical malpractice during childbirth or another child injury.

Birth Injury Causes

A defect or injury at birth can mean lifelong disability requiring expensive medical care. If your child sustains such a birth injury or defect, contact our attorneys today. Lawyers from Rodman, Rodman & Sandman represent families like yours against hospitals, doctors, and others to secure large verdicts and settlements, covering the substantial expenses associated with serious birth injuries.

Many birth injuries happen during difficult births. Large babies are at greater risk of injury, as are unusually small or premature babies. Babies that are born in breach presentation or another unusual orientation are at increased risk of injury, as they may get stuck for an extended period of time, causing a potentially dangerous oxygen shortage. In some cases, the infant's shoulder gets stuck behind the pelvic bone, requiring the doctor to carefully maneuver it out of place or risk an injury.

Other birth injuries are purely caused by negligence during an otherwise normal birth. For example, a doctor may mishandle or even drop an infant, causing a traumatic brain injury. Whatever the specifics of your child's injury, these incidents are largely avoidable. A careless doctor, nurse, or other medical professional should be held responsible for his or her actions, as should the hospital that employs them. Our birth defect and injury attorneys will negotiate forcefully with lawyers, administrators, and others on your behalf, ensuring that your family's needs are amply provided for.

Common Birth Injuries

There are many different kinds of birth injuries. Some common ones that might lead to a birth injury or defect lawsuit include:

  • Brachial Palsy: When an infant's shoulders get stuck on the mother's pelvis during delivery - a condition known as shoulder dystocia - a careless doctor may try to force the child through, causing a form of nerve damage called brachial palsy that can leave the hands and arms partially or completely paralyzed.
  • Cerebral Palsy: A brain injury during birth, caused by oxygen deprivation, pressure, or sudden impact, can leave a child with permanent nerve damage. Cerebral palsy makes it difficult or impossible to control the muscles.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones during childbirth most often occur when the child is stuck during a difficult birth. In this scenario, the collarbone may be broken during delivery.
  • Facial paralysis: Applying pressure to an infant's face sometimes causes nerve damage, causing partial paralysis on one side of the face. It can be temporary or permanent.
  • Bruising: After a difficult birth, it is common for a baby to show bruising. Careless or rough handling on the part of a doctor can also cause bruises.

If your child has sustained a birth injury or defect, it is time to speak with our lawyers. Expert attorneys can advise you of your rights and help you seek compensation for preventable injuries caused by medical negligence.

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