Personal Injury Lawyer Malden, Boston

An injured child is any parent's worst nightmare. We do everything possible to protect our children from harm, but in some unfortunate cases another person may carelessly put your child in danger, causing a preventable injury. If this sort of tragedy affects your family, a personal injury lawyer from Rodman, Rodman & Sandman in Malden, near Boston, Massachusetts, can help you make sure the person responsible for your child's injury pays in full for their carelessness.

Defective Children's Products

Defective toys and other products put children at risk. When you purchase a product for your child, you expect it to be safe within the requirements set by law. If the product is defective, your child could be injured or made ill through no fault of yours. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can help if your child was injured by a defective product of any kind. We will litigate aggressively against the manufacturers and other responsible parties to ensure that you are compensated fully, and also that no other children are injured in the future.

Birth Injuries

Injuries resulting from poor medical care, particularly birth injuries, are particularly troubling for any parent. We trust medical experts to provide care meeting or exceeding established standards, but some doctors and others are simply careless, and occasionally they cause injuries, the consequences of which last a lifetime.

A newborn is incredibly fragile, and a moment's hesitation or carelessness is enough to cause permanent damage. Common birth injuries include cerebral palsy from oxygen deficiency, broken bones and brachial palsy from nerve damage during difficult births, and cephalohematoma, in which blood pools between the skull and the scalp, leaving a noticeable bump for months and potentially causing jaundice. It can be difficult to confront your child's doctor and hospital over medical malpractice on your own, but with the help of a personal injury lawyer from Rodman, Rodman & Sandman, serving Boston, Malden, and all of Middlesex County, you can ensure that careless health care providers are held accountable for their actions

Other Children's Injuries

Children can also be injured in any of the ways that adults may be injured, including automobile accidents. Being smaller than adults, children are also more susceptible to contaminants in water and soil. And because they cannot always look out for themselves, children are also commonly injured on unsafe premises, leading to premises liability claims against the owners and operators of pools, playgrounds, schools, and other places where children play. Speak to a personal injury lawyer from our firm today if your child has been injured. We may be able to help you secure a large verdict or settlement to cover medical and other costs, ensuring that your child gets the best care available.

Speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer about Your Child's Injury

If your child has been injured, you need a law firm you can trust. Our lawyers have a decades-long record of success in the courtroom and at the bargaining table. When you are ready to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer, contact Rodman, Rodman & Sandman, trusted throughout Malden, Boston, and all of Massachusetts.