Workers' Compensation Lawyer Malden, Boston

To receive compensation for your injuries under your employer's workers' compensation insurance, you must file appropriate paperwork. In order to maximize the value of your claim, you can retain a qualified workers' compensation attorney. Your lawyer from Rodman, Rodman & Sandman in Malden, Massachusetts, near Boston, will ensure that you receive as much money as possible and that your claim is not wrongly denied. Review our workers' compensation FAQ to learn more about your rights under the law.

About Workers' Compensation Insurance

In order to protect their employees, most companies are required by law to purchase workers' compensation insurance. It is designed to help employers and workers avoid complicated personal injury lawsuits when possible. Workers' compensation provides benefits for employees who are injured on the job, regardless of who is at fault for the injury. What this means is that even if your injury is your own fault, you are still entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Filing for workers' compensation benefits is a process best handled by an attorney, who can ensure that your paperwork is filed properly so you get maximum benefits without delay.

Your workers' compensation claim is of special significance if you are permanently disabled. A lawyer from Rodman, Rodman & Sandman will argue your case in front of the appropriate authorities to ensure that you get weekly compensation and a lump-sum settlement as appropriate. Each workers' compensation attorney at our firm is an experienced advocate for injured and disabled workers in Boston, Malden, and Middlesex County. Your workers' compensation lawyer can ensure that you are not wrongly denied the money that is rightfully yours.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

As a workers' compensation beneficiary, you are entitled to money covering a number of different costs. Your medical bills and rehabilitation are always covered. You can also receive tax-free benefits totaling up to two thirds of your pre-injury salary as long as you are unable to work. Additionally, you may be entitled to a settlement if you are unable to return to your original job due to permanent disability, as well as vocational training and placement assistance. Your workers' compensation attorney will work closely with you to develop a strong case so that you get every kind of compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

Workers' compensation insurance provides benefits for all types of injuries sustained in the workplace. This includes traumatic injuries, such as a head injury or spinal cord injury, as well as repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Emotional and psychological problems are also covered if a link can be established between events at the workplace, such as a serious accident, and psychiatric symptoms. In addition, workers' compensation covers illnesses due to toxic exposure, such as mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions.

Contact a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you have been denied workers' compensation benefits, you need help from an expert attorney. Your lawyer from Rodman, Rodman & Sandman, serving Malden, Boston, and the surrounding area, will argue forcefully to secure you long-lasting benefits so that you have ample time to recover. Contact our law firm to speak with a legal expert you can trust.